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About Permanent Makeup in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

​Permanent make up also known as permanent cosmetic, cosmetic tattooing and micro pigmentation is a procedure designed to help women with the daily tedious ritual of putting on makeup. 

With permanent make-up in Florida, you can be confident that you look your best at all times.

Permanent makeup in Fort Lauderdale is a base make up. You will feel confident that your eyebrows are perfectly shaped , your eyes are perfectly lined and your lips are well defined and naturally colored.

It is a perfect base for your evening make up. For a more dramatic look just add to your permanent makeup but at least you have something to follow your eyebrows are shaped you have a base line around your eyes and you also have a baseline around your mouth and all you have to do is fill- in with lipstick

With permanent cosmetics you will come out of the shower, the pool, the gym or after a day at the beach, golfing or playing tennis looking your best.

At Permanent Cosmetic Clinics of America we specialize in this procedure for permanent makeup near Miami.

For permanent make up of the eyebrows we take into consideration the shape of your face and distance between your eyes. 

For permanent eyeliner we measure the distance between your eyes and take into consideration whether your eyes are too big or too small and what can be done to make them look more beautiful.

For permanent make up of the lips we measure the distance between your upper lip and your nose your lower lip and your chin and create the most natural and youthfull beautiful looking lips.

With the permanent lip procedure we can change the shape, color or both the shape and the color of your lips.

For permanent eyebrows we do the feathered technique where we do hairline strokes using three different colors creating a very natural look

For permanent eyeliner there are no limits to the thickness, style, shape and color of the line. It can be very subtle & natural or very dramatic.

All procedures are performed in a clean medical setting with local anesthetics.

After the drawing has been done (on your face) and you've approved the shape and color, our medical staff will anesthetize the area to be worked.  Once the local is given you will not feel the procedure.

*Fees subject to change without notice. Fees are for procedures created by a fully Trained and Licensed Permanent Cosmetic Artist using the "Mirinka Technique". 

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•Beautifully shaped Feathered Eyebrows From $495.00*

•Perfectly applied Eyeliner that will keep you looking fresh day after day from $350.00* each (upper OR Lower)

•Look and feel younger with a Natural lip color procedure starting at $395.00 with Mirinka only.